In the UK, consumers who use credit to make purchases are afforded protection from the Consumer Credit Act 1974. One of the key protections is to make the lender liable for things that go wrong with the goods or services that were purchased using their finance.

If the consumer was misrepresented or if there was any breach of contract over the goods or services purchased, then the consumer could be entitled to a claim.

Any purchase over the value of £100 and under the value of £30,000 can be claimed for from the institution that provided the credit ie...the bank.

There are time limitations to the Consumer Credit Act. You must bring forth a claim within 6 years of the date of purchase, - or from the date when you first realised that you were misrepresented, or your contract was breached.

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If you’ve made a purchase using credit that went wrong because you were either misrepresented, your contract was breached or contained unfair clauses, we can help you to put things right by processing a claim to get your money back.

We also cater for other types of finance claims including mis-sold investments.